2.2 Early Settlement Timeline

The Early White Settlement

29th April 1770- Captain James Cook claims possession of the whole east coast of Australia for the British Crown.

25th January 1788- Captain Phillip raises the Union Jack at Sydney Cove to start a colony.

29th May 1788- First conflict between to first fleet arrival and aboriginal people take place. 2 convicts were killed.

December 1788- first aboriginal was captured.

November 1789- governor Phillip captured two aboriginal men and held them prisoner.
Aboriginal camp-1895

3rd May 1804-Lieutenant William Moree of the New South Wales Rum Corps, orders to open fire at Risdon Cove, Tasmania, on a group of about 300 Aboriginal people who were hunting kangaroos. Between 30 and 60 Aboriginal people were killed.

1810- Aboriginal people begin to be moved onto mission stations where they were taught European beliefs and used as cheap labour for the European settlers.

1814- Governor Macquarie opened a school for Aboriginal children at Parramatta called the 'Native Institution' to civilize, educate and promote habits of industry and respect in the Aborigines.

1816- Attacks on farms by Aboriginal people on the edge of Sydney. 14 aboriginals were killed.

4th May 1816- Macquarie announces a set of regulations controlling the movement of Aboriginal people.
Aboriginal School, Mornington Island, 1950.

1820- The local Aboriginal people (Koori) remove their children from the school, ‘native institution’ after they realise that the schools aim was to distance the children from their families and communities. The school was closed in 1820.

1822- A number of large scale killings as conflict over the lack of land and of hunting rights continued.

1824- Seven white people were killed by aboriginals and this was seen as a serious threat. The aboriginals were attacked resulting in 100 killed.

1829- A colony is set up in Perth, on the south-west coast of Australia
Aboriginals ready to fight
Aboriginals ready to fight

October 1830- Governor Arthur tries unsuccessfully to drive all the remaining Aboriginal people in eastern Australia on to the Tasman Peninsula.

October 1834- Governor Stirling leads a party of men to a site near that is now known as Pinjarra, on the Swan River and attacked 80 Aboriginal people.

October 1834- John Batman attempts to make a 'treaty' with Aboriginal people for Port Phillip Bay.

June 1836- The colony of South Australia is founded.

1837- A massacre of Aboriginal people occurs at Gravesend, New South Wales with more than 200 killed.

January 1838- Major Nunn's campaign. Mounted police, and mostly European volunteers, set out in response to conflict on the Liverpool Plains, north central NSW. 60 - 70 Aboriginal people are reported killed.

10th June 1838-The 'Myall Creek Massacre' occurs. 12 armed colonists rounded up and killed 28 Aboriginal people from a group of 40 or 50 people.

1838- Reports of poisoning of Aboriginal people in West Melbourne.

1840- An entire community of Aboriginal people perishes in a massacre at Long Lagoon, a newly settled station in inland Queensland.

1849-Reported widespread food shortages among Aboriginal people in the Murray District.

1861- The pearling industry in Western Australia begins with Aboriginal divers.

1870- In the early 1870s the first Aboriginal children are enrolled in the public schools in NSW. By 1880 there were 200 Aboriginal children in school in NSW.
Aboriginal children at school with white children- 1975
Aboriginal children at school with white children- 1975

1883- The Aboriginal Protection Board is established in NSW.

1886- The Victorian Aborigines Protection Act excludes 'half-castes' from their definition of an Aboriginal person.

1888- Aboriginal population reduced by 220,000 Australia-wide to an estimated 80,000.

1st January 1901- federation into the commonwealth constitution.

1901- Aboriginal people are excluded from the vote, pensions, employment in post offices, enlistment in armed forces and maternity allowance. Government introduces the ‘White Australia Policy’.

21st-23rd April 1937: Aboriginal Welfare - Conference of Commonwealth and State Authorities called by the federal government, decides that the official policy for some Aboriginal people is assimilation policy.

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