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A Brief Aboriginal History
- A brief Aboriginal history outline.
24 March 12 8.56am
Aboriginal History: European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights
- Aboriginal History and Heritage.
14th March 12

2:52 pm
Aboriginal timeline (1770 - 1899)
- A timeline including dates from the early times of white settlement.
14th March 12
1.50 pm
- Background information about the aboriginals culture and values and the first settlers.
14th March 12
2:35 pm
Artfully Planned Ambience
- Image, Aboriginal dome hut.
28th March 12
1:28 pm
- Background information on early settlement and aborigines involvement.
- Images on Aboriginal rock painting showing the Europeans taking over the Australian land and Aboriginal women in the 1860s,showing obvious contact with European people.
16th March 12

12:01 am
Australia Aboriginal Tribes Map
-Image on tribal groups.
28th March 12
10:01 am
Australian Aboriginal history
- Background information on Aboriginal history.
23 March 12
6.34 pm
Broken Links: the Stolen Generations in Queensland
-Image, Aboriginal women in the 1860s,showing obvious contact with European people.
28th March 12
1:20 pm
Culture Collision - Aborigines vs European Settlers
-Image, European control some Aboriginals
28th March 12
1:23 pm
Early Aboriginal History
- Background information on the history of the aboriginals and the impact of settlement.
16th March 12
11:43 am
Equal Rights- Exploring Democracy
-Image, Indigenous Australians vs. White Settlers.
28th March 12
10:03 am
- Information on history of white settlement.
21st March 12 10.00 am
How Aborigines Work
-Image, Aboriginal children at school with white children- 1975.
28th March 12
1:36 pm
Impact of European settlement on Indigenous people
- How certain events affected the aboriginals.
16th March 12

11:46 am
Rabbit Replicators - An Exponentialist View
- Image, Indigenous declining population in 1788-1971.
28th March 12
10:06 am
Track the History
- Timeline including main information
- Image
23 March 12
12.15 pm